Nasri: We’re going to win Premiership

“After Swansea we could not say anything. We had a really bad game, they played really well, and we were a little bit tired after the trip from Lisbon. But after that we recovered and we talked, and said a few things, that we came here to win titles.”

“We said that we need to be focused because the 10 games that are left are 10 Champions League finals and we want to win them. Since then we have shown great character against Sporting and now against Chelsea.”

“There will always be someone there to criticise. Not everyone can like City – there will be some who will say we were weak on Wednesday night. But inside the club we believe that we can achieve something together, and that is most important.”

“I am not nervous. I play football to play in this type of game – since I was a kid. I love football, and on Wednesday, when you see the atmosphere, the crowd, and the football both teams played – everyone wants to play in this kind of game.”

“You have to do something special in this kind of game. Sometimes a player can have pressure, and when a team is winning they try to defend. Then it needs something to open the game.”

“Carlos did it with his assist when I scored, and Sergio did it with the penalty. You need that in this type of game, otherwise you will not win it – the goals will not fall from the sky.”

Gervinho: My best is yet to come

“I am happy about my first season but I know I can do better. I have scored and given assists but I also created a few chances that I missed. If I had been more efficient, it would have been even better.”

“I need to work hard at training to become more clinical in front of goal. I’m not worried though. People say that the second season is always better for a foreign player but I don’t think it will be much easier. Every game is tough for me because the level of competition is so high in the Premier League, and every time you have to be at your best.”

Rossi going back to Italy?

Agent of Giuseppe Rossi: “Lavezzi going to England and Rossi to Napoli? I cannot confirm, but it is a possibility that Lavezzi might leave Napoli. I cannot rule out Rossi joining Napoli. After five years at Villarreal, I think that all parties are more susceptible to listening to the offers that arrive. We will see, but one thing is clear: Villarreal are open to selling Rossi, and the player is ready to leave the club.”


“Giuseppe has never hidden the fact that he dreams of playing for a top club. We consider Inter to be a top top club, but he would like to play in the Champions League. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he would turn down Inter even if they don’t qualify.”


“It has unfortunately been a negative season for Giuseppe so far due to the knee injury. At the moment, he is solely focusing on recovering, and he might still play some Liga games this term.”

Moratti: Derby agains’t Juve very important for many reasons

“Regardless of the league table, the match against Juventus still remains the most important one of the season. That’s definitely how it feels for me, and it should be like that for others, too. Also for political and other reasons that we know all too well. It’s time to rekindle Inter’s pride. I expect something extra from everyone.”

“We have to get the maximum out of the remaining 10 games. The match against Juventus should be the start of something. It’s time to wake up.”

Ferdinand: We’ll show who’s the boss

“Walking around in town, you see more and more blue shirts than you probably ever would have seen over the last 10 years. But success sometimes brings people out of the woodwork, so fingers crossed, we can delay that and make sure that we get this title sewn up this season.”


“Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see, but in an ideal world, we’ll have it sewn up by the time we go there. I don’t expect it to be finished by the time we go their stadium. Every game is a cup final now and every result now is going to sway the title this way or that.”