Mourinho: Varane can be better then Blanc

Jose Mourinho said that his young defender from France, Rafael Varane (18 years old) has ability to become one of the best defenders: “Varane has the same intelligence, the same calmness on the ball and the same presence as Laurent Blanc on the pitch.”

“But with all due respect to Blanc, Varane is much faster. For now, he is still a kid. But I hope and think that when he reaches maturity at 26-27 he will be better than Blanc.”

Ferguson on Vieira comments

Alex Ferguson on Vieira comments that City should win the Premiership title because they play more attractive football: “They were playing great football in the first half of the season. Everyone recognised that and we felt the brunt of it too when they beat us 6-1 here. But a season lasts for a bit longer than three months.”

On Vieira comments that UTD had always referees help (last match against Fulham was accordingly the latest): “The thing is, from the referee’s position, I can see why he didn’t give a penalty when Danny Murphy was brought down. The ball moved to the angle as Michael Carrick challenged him and from that position, it wasn’t clear. It was a good claim but you could go through millions of things like that. Every club gets breaks here and there, you get good ones and bad ones. It evens itself out over the season, that will never change.”

Gervinho: We’ll improve!

“We can still win lots of trophies and we can do great things in the future. We have a bright future because this is a good club.”

“We are all still young, we have got some good players here, a good group. We have been through a lot of difficult times this season, lots of people have wavered in their belief of us.”

“They have said this and they have said that, but we have returned to form and now we are going to try to finish the season well.”

“The standout player for me this year has been Robin [Van Persie]. You can see his class with his finishing, how he leads the group, and with his experience.”

“He is a player who has grown in to the role of captain and is the sort of player you need during the hard times.”

Mourinho: Interista forever!

“Inter is my home, a return home is always possible. It’s the same with ‘Lele’ (Gabriele Oriali, former technical director of Inter) – he must go home.”

“Like all the Inter fans I want him (Stramaccioni) to do well. I’m sorry for Ranieri, but football is like this. When things go wrong, coaches are changed.”

About Materazzi with who he had special relationship: “I miss him a lot, but we are close now and we always will be. I’m sure he’s happy with our (Jose’s new club, Real Madrid) result today (Tuesday). For me, he will always be a brother.”

Ribery: I’d love to retire at Bayern M.

“I am entering my fifth year at Bayern. At this club, in this city, I feel at home. I am very happy and I feel free here. My family also feels very comfortable. I want to end my career at this club.”

“I have purchased a house which is close to the training centre. Everything is in place for me to feel as well as possible.”

“My two years at Marseille were very important. If I am at Bayern right now, it is because of what I did at Marseille.”

“It was there where I exploded, where I broke out and where I improved. It was also there where I learned what pressure was, and that when all goes well, this leads to happiness.”

“On Wednesday, I expect to receive whistles from the fans. It is normal, this is football. I think that the fans have not forgotten what I did for the club, but they will not applaud me. I am at Bayern now, I no longer play for Marseille.”