Mancini: I would punch Balotelli

“I can understand it. I told him, ‘If you played with me, 10 years ago, I give to you every day one punch in your head!'”

“I think in every big game he played very well. I think his problem is his concentration but I work with him every day.”

“I speak with him – not every day because if not I need a psychologist – but every two days I speak with him. He doesn’t lose his quality.”

“Mario, as a player, can be one of the top in Europe. I don’t want him to lose his talent.”

“I can understand if the other players get annoyed with Mario. I spoke with the players when Mario arrived two years ago and told them, ‘Mario is a young player, he has a fantastic talent but he is young and he can make mistakes sometimes.'”

“It’s not true I treat him differently – I left Mario on the bench for five or six games at the start of the season because his behaviour wasn’t good.”

“He has also paid a lot of money in fines for his behaviour. He has paid heavily for his mistakes.”

“The other players should concentrate only on playing. It’s my job to manage him, not theirs. When you have a player like Mario, you should not say bad things about him because he is your team-mate.”

“It’s better to say what you think face-to-face. I want to help him, but I also get disappointed with him.”

Lampard and Kalou on Barcelona

Two players of Chelsea FC gave an interesting interview on Champions league semi-finals agains’t Barcelona.

Lampard: “Everyone’s got unfinished business with them. You have to respect they’re the greatest team in the world; they have been and still are at the present time.”

“That game is still in our minds, but this is a completely different year so we need to try and beat them. Obviously they’re going to be favourites because of the way they’re playing”

Kalou: “We’re in the semi-finals and we must concentrate on Barcelona. They’re a great team, but over two legs, it’s possible. We’ve seen how Mourinho’s Inter caused them problems two years ago.”

Higuain not for sale?

On rumours that Higuain will leave Galacticos on the end of this season, and that he could switch with Sergio Aguero, Real Madrid’s director, Emilio Butragueno said:  “Rumours seem to be inevitable. But we are delighted with Higuain.”

“He is a world-class striker and we want him to stay here for many years. He arrived here very young and we regard him as a club player. ”

“He has always behaved impeccably whether he plays or not. We are thinking about what interests us right now and we only want our players to think about their jobs. ”

“When the season ends, the coaching staff will work to strengthen the team if necessary, but that is a long way away and what matters right now is to fight for the two titles at stake.”

Chilavert: Bielsa is the best coach I’ve seen

“Bielsa controls his players. He makes them think like computers, so they cannot make mistakes. He is one of the best coaches in the world.”

On Messi: “Messi is the best, much better than the others. Next comes Maradona, then Pele. For me, comparisons are deplorable. There’s no question of it, he’s the best in the world.”

On relationship with Maradona: “We ignore one another when we meet. We have very different philosophies on life,” he concluded.”

Wenger: Walcott and Persie are staying!

“With Theo and Van Persie, that will be sorted out at the end of the season. Theo is playing very well. He has improved his technical level a lot, his links with other players and his calmness in front of goal. He is developing very well.”

“It is something I will look to sort out very early. Yes, I am confident they will sign. To say that I am always confident, yes I am. We want to keep our best players.”