Guardiola on Primera league chances

“We are behind them (Real Madrid), but it is clear that it is better for us that they draw than win. Six points are fewer than 10, but the difference is still a lot. Madrid have two draws in a row, but it does not mean they will draw the rest of their games.”

“What usually happens is that Madrid win almost all of their matches. That is why the distance is so significant. That is why I said the Liga title was lost. It was a comment purely based on sporting matters.”

“I did not watch Madrid’s game against Villarreal, so I have no opinion about it. When I learned about the draw, I was happier than I would be if they had won, but I slept at night the exact same way. Some of us have families, wives and children. I have watched many of Madrid’s matches, but not this one.”

On next match agains’t Mallorca: “They are going through their best moment in the season. They have a very intense and dynamic team and put a lot of pressure up on the field.”