Sacchi on new coach of Inter

FC Internazionale have sacked Ranieri yesterday, and appointed coach of Inter Primavera (juniors), Andrea Stramaccioni, with who he won NextGen Series on Sunday agains’t Ajax (the game was played in London and president Massimo Moratti was there), the same day when Inter lost agains’t Juventus in Torino.

The former coach of Italian national team, Arrigo Sacchi, said:

“The entire staff in the Italian Football Federation and I wanted him for the Under-17 team. He is an interesting youngster and he is a coach who is prepared, even though Italy is not a country where youngsters are given opportunities.”

“I think that he can make his mark at Inter. He is not a magician, in order to do well he will need to be able to work in a calm atmosphere.”

Coaches ahead of clash

Conte (coach of Juventus): “Inter will play the game of their lives. It is a very deeply-felt match for them and they will also want to interrupt our unbeaten record. The challenge with Inter is important for the present, but the past doesn’t interest me. These are truly fundamental points up for grabs and we expect great support from our fans.”

“All we can do is take it one match at a time and always give 100 per cent, then we’ll see where we end up. We are playing against champions so we must concentrate. I don’t see a depressed Inter, so they’re certainly not coming to Turin to act as sacrificial lambs.”

“We achieved our first objective which was reaching the Coppa Italia final and eliminating Milan, so we must compliment the lads. There is no first-choice starting XI for me. I always try to pick the side that I consider to be the best to win this particular game.”

Ranieri (coach of Inter): “In this situation, the game is more important for Juventus than Inter, so they have more to lose. With a defeat, Juve would see Milan break further away at the top of the table. They are also afraid that Inter can be the first team to beat them this season. It’s a derby, I know, having been on the other end and realising full well what his game means.”

On time when he was coach of Juventus, Ranieri said: “I took over a side that was coming up from Serie B and lacked many champions. In the last four or five years everything has changed, as they are building a new project, the philosophy and above all, the budget has been totally transformed.”

“Am I disappointed at not continuing in Turin? We all have our karma, our story, and I always reconstructed wherever I went, but never bowed to compromises. The reason I left was there were three of us choosing players. At that moment I was excluded from making decisions, then I walked away.”

“In recent outings we’ve seemed less weighed down. Now we are ready to face this Juventus, a side which are doing really well. It’s not true that we have nothing to lose though. You always want to win a big game and although Juve run the biggest risks, I would’ve preferred to be in their shoes.”