Ferguson on Vieira comments

Alex Ferguson on Vieira comments that City should win the Premiership title because they play more attractive football: “They were playing great football in the first half of the season. Everyone recognised that and we felt the brunt of it too when they beat us 6-1 here. But a season lasts for a bit longer than three months.”

On Vieira comments that UTD had always referees help (last match against Fulham was accordingly the latest): “The thing is, from the referee’s position, I can see why he didn’t give a penalty when Danny Murphy was brought down. The ball moved to the angle as Michael Carrick challenged him and from that position, it wasn’t clear. It was a good claim but you could go through millions of things like that. Every club gets breaks here and there, you get good ones and bad ones. It evens itself out over the season, that will never change.”

Welbeck: I was snubbed by City

“My Dad didn’t tell me at the time, it was just before Christmas and he didn’t want to break any bad news. It wouldn’t have mattered though. I am one of those people that if you are going to say something, just say it. I take it on the chin.”

“Straight after Christmas I played in a tournament for my local side, Fletcher Moss, and that’s where United picked me up. I went for a trial and have never looked back since. I was always a Red anyway.”

On Rooney: “He is a Scouser, I am a Manc, but we are good friends. We are always messing about and joking off the field, while on the pitch we just seem to work really well together. We kind of understand each other’s games. Obviously, partnering Wayne Rooney up front is a big honour and I’d hope he would say the same thing!”

On Fulham (next match in Premiership): “We have been in the situation a few times this season where teams just want to sit back at Old Trafford and try and get us on the counter-attack.”

“I think you have to keep playing your normal game, be patient and probe the openings by knocking the ball around. You can’t get too impatient, that is what they want. You can’t let them get into your head.”

Ferdinand: We’ll show who’s the boss

“Walking around in town, you see more and more blue shirts than you probably ever would have seen over the last 10 years. But success sometimes brings people out of the woodwork, so fingers crossed, we can delay that and make sure that we get this title sewn up this season.”


“Who knows? We’ll have to wait and see, but in an ideal world, we’ll have it sewn up by the time we go there. I don’t expect it to be finished by the time we go their stadium. Every game is a cup final now and every result now is going to sway the title this way or that.”