Higuain not for sale?

On rumours that Higuain will leave Galacticos on the end of this season, and that he could switch with Sergio Aguero, Real Madrid’s director, Emilio Butragueno said:  “Rumours seem to be inevitable. But we are delighted with Higuain.”

“He is a world-class striker and we want him to stay here for many years. He arrived here very young and we regard him as a club player. ”

“He has always behaved impeccably whether he plays or not. We are thinking about what interests us right now and we only want our players to think about their jobs. ”

“When the season ends, the coaching staff will work to strengthen the team if necessary, but that is a long way away and what matters right now is to fight for the two titles at stake.”

Ferguson on Vieira comments

Alex Ferguson on Vieira comments that City should win the Premiership title because they play more attractive football: “They were playing great football in the first half of the season. Everyone recognised that and we felt the brunt of it too when they beat us 6-1 here. But a season lasts for a bit longer than three months.”

On Vieira comments that UTD had always referees help (last match against Fulham was accordingly the latest): “The thing is, from the referee’s position, I can see why he didn’t give a penalty when Danny Murphy was brought down. The ball moved to the angle as Michael Carrick challenged him and from that position, it wasn’t clear. It was a good claim but you could go through millions of things like that. Every club gets breaks here and there, you get good ones and bad ones. It evens itself out over the season, that will never change.”

Platt: Mancini was furious

The assistant of Manchester City’s coach Roberto Mancini came instead of him for the press after the match agains’t Stoke City: “He is worried he might say something that might get him in hot water.”

“He was just a bit hot afterwards and once he calms down, he will be fine. You know how these things go: if he comes in and something goes out of the way or gets lost in translation.”

On question did Mancini refused to shake hands after the match with Stoke City manager, Tony Pulis, Platt said: “I don’t know.”

“There is a long way to go and there will be more twists and turns along the way, for certain. We will follow our own road as we have been doing all season and win as many games as we possibly can between now and the last match.”

“Our destiny is still well within our own hands, which is all you can ask for at this stage. The lads are positive and we move on to the next game, now.”

Yaya on draw agains’t Stoke City

“It is really important now not to panic. Today we drew against a good team. It is always tough to play against Stoke, but I think the most important thing is to keep going, continuing to work hard.”

“Hopefully if United can continue to drop points that will be important for the title race. I think we have to work hard and continue being ourselves. It is difficult because of the pressure and away it is always more difficult.”

“Stoke are very hard and very strong on the break and I think we deserved to draw today because Stoke did play very well and cause us a lot of problems. I think the most important thing is that we keep winning and wait for Monday and see what United do.”

Kolo Toure: “It is always difficult to come to the Britannia. Every time u play against Stoke you know it will be a difficult game, particularly away. I think today we are a little disappointed with two points dropped but at the end of the day I think it is a good result.”

“This is a title race and it is very important. We will watch the United game on Monday and hope they don’t do very well. From now on we need to think of every game like a final. Today I think we played a good game.”

“Stoke played very well. They put us under pressure. The reaction was great. It was a fabulous strike from Yaya and now we are looking forward to the next game.”

Aguero: I won’t leave City

“None of the stories about Real Madrid have come from me and the City fans can rest assured I am happy here. First and foremost, the major aim is to win the league title this season. Then I want to stay here for a long time after that.”

“I’m very, very happy here. From the moment I arrived, everyone has treated me really well. It’s down to me to repay that kindness and good feeling I’ve had from everyone with some performances out on the field.”

“It would be lovely to score 30 — but the most important thing is the team getting the right results at the end of the day. The main thing about scoring is not setting targets for yourself but scoring the goals that win points for the team.”

On Tevez: “He was really keen to play, he was bursting to get out there on the field. We all know he’s an important player for us, a key player. With the nine games remaining in the season, I think he can bring a lot to the side. If and when selected, I think it’s an important time for him to come back. He’s got five years’ experience of playing in the Premier League. We have a lot of good players here and he is one other player. But he will be very, very important to us because he’s one in a long list of top-quality players at this club. He will bring a lot to the party for what remains of the season. Through what happened and the situation that came about, I’ve not had much chance to play with Carlos.”

“But what we have done between the three of us — myself, Mario and Edin — is to give a good account of ourselves in terms of goalscoring. We’ve done fairly well but it would be nice to have Carlos on board to add goals to the threesome. But it’s down to the manager and hopefully he continues to pick me.”

On comeback agains’t Chelsea: “That’s what it’s all about in a title race, not giving up. We are fighting for the title, we have confidence. We’re the sort of team who know if we go behind we can come back and win the game.”

“The key is we are in a position now where we can’t afford to drop any points. Manchester United are quite experienced in these title chases but we have to focus on ourselves.”

“We have dropped a few points here and there along the way but that’s in the past. We are playing well and we must carry on in that vein and concentrate on not letting more points go — that’s the key to it.”