Lampard and Kalou on Barcelona

Two players of Chelsea FC gave an interesting interview on Champions league semi-finals agains’t Barcelona.

Lampard: “Everyone’s got unfinished business with them. You have to respect they’re the greatest team in the world; they have been and still are at the present time.”

“That game is still in our minds, but this is a completely different year so we need to try and beat them. Obviously they’re going to be favourites because of the way they’re playing”

Kalou: “We’re in the semi-finals and we must concentrate on Barcelona. They’re a great team, but over two legs, it’s possible. We’ve seen how Mourinho’s Inter caused them problems two years ago.”

Di Matteo on Lampard’s form

“I wouldn’t say he’s entered a declining stage. What I can say from my own experiences is that you probably need a little bit more time to recover when you get to a certain age. Apart from that, if you’re healthy and fit, you can reach high levels.”

Comparing to Scholes: “Paul Scholes is not bursting forward as much as he used to do. But Frank’s an intelligent guy, so he will adapt very quickly to that. I have no problems with age if somebody is healthy and fit. He’s a top professional. I think this club has been blessed to have a player like him for 10 years.”