Inter’s trio on situation in club

On media accusations that he refused to go on bench in the match agains’t Atalanta Diego Forlan replied: “A lot can be said after the event, but I think it’s important that people know something, and that is what the press have reported is wrong. I have respect for the Inter fans, for the shirt, and I haven’t come here to mess things up. If I have to apologise because some people think I’ve made a mistake, then I apologise, we can all make mistakes, but now I want to say what actually happened.  There are some troublemakers out there who know how to take advantage of certain situations. We’re all very much together and there’s no problem. It’s true that things aren’t going well at the moment, but I’m keen to do well, I want to play, score lots of goals, and help the team.”


Stankovic ahead of clash agains’t Juventus: “Juventus have much more to lose than Inter. They are fighting for the Scudetto and we know that brings a lot of extra pressure. They really can not afford to drop any points. There will be even more pressure on them if AC Milan win their league game on Saturday. It hurts to see us like this in the league table. However, we have some important games coming up against Udinese and Lazio for third place. We are still a feared opponent.”


Pazzini ahead of clash agains’t Juventus: “Motivation comes by itself in a game like this. Juventus have more to lose than us, while we want to do well, above all for President Massimo Moratti. The President has always stuck right by us and that is wonderful for the team, to have someone like him putting his faith in us and pushing us forward. It’s important. We will continue to believe in third place until it becomes mathematically impossible. It’s pointless making calculations now or looking round to what the other sides are doing. First of all, we have to start winning.”

Chiellini: Inter is our biggest rival

Juventus will play agains’t Inter on Sunday at Juventus Arena in Torino. AC Milan will play agains’t AS Roma on Saturday at San Siro. Currently, AC Milan have 4 points more then Juventus, so the club from Torino will give their all to win in this derby.

“It’s true that at this moment in time the game with Inter perhaps doesn’t have as much media impact as in the past, but they remain our greatest rivals and we talked about this match a lot this week.”

“This year Inter are going through a difficult time. They were strong and at this moment we feel that we’re in better shape than they are. I hope this season can represent the start of a new era for Juventus.”

We’ve already published interview of Massimo Moratti on this topic (click here). All we can say is it will be an interesting match.

Rossi going back to Italy?

Agent of Giuseppe Rossi: “Lavezzi going to England and Rossi to Napoli? I cannot confirm, but it is a possibility that Lavezzi might leave Napoli. I cannot rule out Rossi joining Napoli. After five years at Villarreal, I think that all parties are more susceptible to listening to the offers that arrive. We will see, but one thing is clear: Villarreal are open to selling Rossi, and the player is ready to leave the club.”


“Giuseppe has never hidden the fact that he dreams of playing for a top club. We consider Inter to be a top top club, but he would like to play in the Champions League. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean he would turn down Inter even if they don’t qualify.”


“It has unfortunately been a negative season for Giuseppe so far due to the knee injury. At the moment, he is solely focusing on recovering, and he might still play some Liga games this term.”

Moratti: Derby agains’t Juve very important for many reasons

“Regardless of the league table, the match against Juventus still remains the most important one of the season. That’s definitely how it feels for me, and it should be like that for others, too. Also for political and other reasons that we know all too well. It’s time to rekindle Inter’s pride. I expect something extra from everyone.”

“We have to get the maximum out of the remaining 10 games. The match against Juventus should be the start of something. It’s time to wake up.”