Chiellini: Inter is our biggest rival

Juventus will play agains’t Inter on Sunday at Juventus Arena in Torino. AC Milan will play agains’t AS Roma on Saturday at San Siro. Currently, AC Milan have 4 points more then Juventus, so the club from Torino will give their all to win in this derby.

“It’s true that at this moment in time the game with Inter perhaps doesn’t have as much media impact as in the past, but they remain our greatest rivals and we talked about this match a lot this week.”

“This year Inter are going through a difficult time. They were strong and at this moment we feel that we’re in better shape than they are. I hope this season can represent the start of a new era for Juventus.”

We’ve already published interview of Massimo Moratti on this topic (click here). All we can say is it will be an interesting match.