Luis Enrique on result agains’t AC Milan

“There are no particular problems to report, I have nothing to scrutinise about the team. It was a good game. In the second half, Ibrahimovic was decisive, but we played to the maximum of our capabilities. I think our two central defenders played very well as Ibrahimovic is very difficult to mark. I’m not 100% happy about our first half display because we could have done better in terms of keeping possession.”

“After the break, however, we played better. Our goal came when we were on top. We were close to getting a positive result, but these games are decided by small details, so we still have to improve from this point of view. We must also not forget that we played the league champions and league leaders.”

Chiellini: Inter is our biggest rival

Juventus will play agains’t Inter on Sunday at Juventus Arena in Torino. AC Milan will play agains’t AS Roma on Saturday at San Siro. Currently, AC Milan have 4 points more then Juventus, so the club from Torino will give their all to win in this derby.

“It’s true that at this moment in time the game with Inter perhaps doesn’t have as much media impact as in the past, but they remain our greatest rivals and we talked about this match a lot this week.”

“This year Inter are going through a difficult time. They were strong and at this moment we feel that we’re in better shape than they are. I hope this season can represent the start of a new era for Juventus.”

We’ve already published interview of Massimo Moratti on this topic (click here). All we can say is it will be an interesting match.

Allegri concerned

“We will play against Barca, but right now we have to think about Roma, who are very tough side to beat. After Saturday’s game, we will have nine matches remaining, and keeping our four-point lead at the top will be important.”

“That is why we have to think only about Roma and not Barca, just like it happened against Juventus in the Coppa Italia. Roma hold possession very well, and they have improved when they are not in possession.”

On media reports that Berlusconi accused him for most of injuries because of his training methods: “I spoke to him after the match against Parma, he only asked about those who were injured and if the players were tired.  He tends to protect the players, he wants them to rest. But muscular problems are fewer than it may seem.  We must still improve on this matter.”