12 Must-Have Christmas Gifts for Arsenal Supporters

It’s the most wonderful time of the yeaaaarrrrrr…unless you’re an Arsenal supporter.

On the pitch, the Gunners have made the worst start to a season since 1982, and all of those hopes and expectations that reached a crescendo after winning the FA Cup in August have come crashing back down to earth with a bump.

Thirteen points from ten games have left the Arsenal faithful feeling more Grinch than Elf, but there is still time to turn this Christmas into a merry little one. After all, if John McClane can save the day from Hans Gruber, anything is possible.

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Anyway, what better way to forget all about football and to embrace the festive cheer, than by buying football-related merchandise from Kitbag or UK Soccer Shop to gift to your Arsenal-supporting loved ones? Foolproof, right? So, let’s get stuck into it you filthy animals!

Pierre-Emerick AubameyangPierre-Emerick Aubameyang
A stunning jersey | Visionhaus/Getty Images

Starting off with the obvious, and every football fan’s weakness – the replica shirt. I think we are all in agreement when we say that Arsenal absolutely nailed it with their kits this season, with each one resembling a work of art.

So, it makes sense that the item at the top of every Gooner’s wish list is this home shirt, which could be yours for only £81. It’s on sale right now for even less than that, so you’ve got to act fast!

Bernd LenoBernd Leno
Arsenal’s goalkeeper jersey for the season | Marc Atkins/Getty Images

There was always one kid at school who turned up in a goalkeeper’s jersey, while everyone else was rocking their favourite outfield player’s shirt.

It has to be said though, Arsenal have killed it with their goalkeeper strip this season, and if your kid wants to pull this one on for mufti day, you can hardly blame them!

A beautiful shirt on a lovely piece of metalA beautiful shirt on a lovely piece of metal
A beautiful shirt on a lovely piece of metal

Want to buy somebody the snazzy, bruised banana Arsenal jersey from 1991, but don’t really like them enough to splash out on an actual shirt? Well, guess what? You can just go and get a keyring of the glorious shirt for only £8.95!

This way, Gooners can recognise one another swiftly and discretely, by flashing a cheeky glimpse of their keys across the tube station. It’s so much more practical than a real jersey!

Classy cufflinks Classy cufflinks
Classy cufflinks

If you’ve got some important business meetings coming up on Zoom, and you need to dress your top half accordingly, then these classy Arsenal cufflinks are a must-have!

Stainless steel and only £35, you’d be crazy not to shirt up and pyjama down with these stunning accessories.

Classy little mouse matClassy little mouse mat
Classy little mouse mat

How about this little bargain then? The days of boring, neutral mouse mats are long gone everyone, it’s time for your mouse to pick a side!

Mice may love cheese, but there is nothing cheesy about this wonderful interpretation of Arsenal’s 1988 home jersey. Get it while it’s cheap.

Phone case? Case closedPhone case? Case closed
Phone case? Case closed

For those of us who have moved on from mouse mat technology, and do just about everything on your mobile phones, you might be more keen on this little gift.

Get your hands on this phone case for your iPhone or Samsung, paying tribute to the famous 1984 away jersey. Can’t go wrong for a little stocking filler.

What a lil stunnah What a lil stunnah
What a lil stunnah

If you’re feeling a little bit more generous, then this is exactly the kind of present your five-a-side playing niece or nephew deserves. This Arsenal Icons jersey in the classic yellow combines the colours of the Gunners with the adidas stripes, culminating in a bit of a masterpiece.

Wear this to your next football gathering, and you’ll be the talk of the town. For the collectors among us, this is a bargain at £50.

You'd be a mug to miss out on this one!You'd be a mug to miss out on this one!
You’d be a mug to miss out on this one!

Then again, this might not be the year to be forking out huge sums of money on jerseys for a relative you see once a year, so I’m sure they’d also love this fancy Arsenal mug!

Once again sporting the 1988 jersey, you can sip your tea with pride while watching Arsenal concede a third at home to Brighton next year, knowing you’ve got the best drinking vessel in Europe.

Coasting through your Xmas shoppingCoasting through your Xmas shopping
Coasting through your Xmas shopping

What good is a swanky new mug though, if you’ve got nowhere to put it?! Fear not folks, we’ve got that one covered, too.

There is literally no better double-present combo (for less than a tenner) than adding this set of retro coasters to your basket and partnering them with the retro mug. Retro is cool. Mugs are cool. Coasters are cool. Cool.

The devil is in the detailThe devil is in the detail
The devil is in the detail

The best way to celebrate the Chinese New Year, is by seeing it in while wearing this slick, black Arsenal jacket.

Be the envy of all your pals by asking for this fancy number, sporting the Gunners’ crest, snap closures and a phoenix emblem on the arm.

Shooting practiceShooting practice
Shooting practice

Do you want your child to become the next Ian Wright, but you’re getting pretty tired of fetching the ball from the bushes as it flies between your jumpers for goalposts?

Boy, do we have the solution for you! For the measly price of £27.50, you can buy a fantastic pop-up target goal for your child prodigy to practice their finishing! No brainer.

Icons Icons

How much do you really love your family? How much do you really love Arsenal? Enough to spend £830 on some signed shirts? Absolutely! And these are not just any old signed shirts.

A trio of Arsenal legends, Thierry Henry, Dennis Bergkamp and Robert Pires have all touched these jerseys with their pens, and you can have them framed for under £1,000. It’s such a steal, you could probably throw a mouse mat in with this one, too!