Jurgen Klopp Lambasts Chris Wilder, the Premier League & Broadcasters in Explosive Post-Match Interview

Jurgen Klopp gave an extremely spiky interview after Liverpool were denied three points by a late Brighton equaliser on Saturday afternoon, hitting out at the Premier League and broadcasters for the intense scheduling of fixtures.

The Reds played Italian side Atalanta on Wednesday evening in the Champions League, and were then forced to travel to Brighton for the early kick off in this weekend’s rounds of fixtures.

Klopp’s side drew 1-1 with the Seagulls, having two goals disallowed and conceding two penalties. Speaking to BT Sport after the game, the Liverpool boss accused his interviewer of trying to ‘create a headline’ at his expense over the decisions made during the match.

“Mo was [offside] with the foot but we are used to arm pits and club badges [being offside], so if it’s a toe then it’s obviously offside. Someone told me Sadio was right. You try to create a headline at my cost. Always. Today I say it was a penalty and you’re not happy with my answer.”

The interviewer asked Klopp whether James Milner had indeed suffered a hamstring problem in the game, to which the manager responded, “Yeah, congratulations.”

“Me personally?” responded the interviewer, to which Klopp replied, “No but you work for them yeah? Hamstring. Surprise. And they had injuries as well because it’s a tough time.”

Klopp then took aim at Sheffield United boss Chris Wilder, who called the Liverpool boss a ‘world-class politician’ over the return of fans into stadiums, and accused him of only caring about the needs of his own team.

Klopp and Wilder have exchanged words in recent days | PAUL ELLIS/Getty Images

“Maybe ask Chris Wilder about it. [BT] picked the 12.30 kick-off. You did it!

“If we play at 3pm or 5.30pm, it is different. After Wednesday, it is really dangerous for the players [to play now]. Why did you pick us against Palace if you care [about players]?

“When we had talks between managers a week ago it was 15/5 if not 16-4 for five subs. Since then nothing has happened. Chris Wilder says I am selfish. I think he is but it is not too important. I was in his position at Mainz. If you can have five, it’s for the [players].”

The Liverpool manager then explained his desire to have five substitutions at his disposal, and warned that we will see the consequences of the decision to remain with only three over the winter period.

Andrew RobertsonAndrew Robertson
Robertson barking instructions | Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

“If we have five subs today I take off Robbo [Robertson] for Kostas to save him. It’s not for tactics, it’s to save the players. It’s for all players. You will it from now on til December. We will see.

“You get praise for your interview because you stuck to [your point]. I should stop doing it as it doesn’t help. The problem is we signed this contract but in this season it’s a bigger problem, no pre-season, short season etc. It’s not okay.

“I am not selfish but I obviously speak about Liverpool FC. Of course it’s a problem for me to pick a team.”

Liverpool will see this as two points dropped, having thrown away the lead in the final seconds of the game, and allowing Tottenham Hotspur to possibly create some daylight at the top of the table.