Milner on Premiership run

“Carlos is playing for Manchester City and playing well. He got a great hat-trick and Sergio (Aguero) was fantastic.”

“There were a number of great performances at the weekend so it’s pointless thinking about what might have been.”

“We’re lucky to have a player like Carlos Tevez playing the way he is and hopefully we get a few more hat-tricks out of him between now and the end of the season.”

“We’ll just keep doing what we’ve done all year and concentrate on our business. We’ve got tough games left and we’ll try and win the rest of those and see where that takes us.”

“Manchester United are obviously a top side. They’ve got that experience of winning trophies and been there year upon year.”

“We’ve performed well; we’ve had a great result at the weekend. All we can do is concentrate on our business and if that’s good enough then great, and if not we’ll learn from our mistakes that we’ve made this year and try and go again next year.”