Ribery: I’d love to retire at Bayern M.

“I am entering my fifth year at Bayern. At this club, in this city, I feel at home. I am very happy and I feel free here. My family also feels very comfortable. I want to end my career at this club.”

“I have purchased a house which is close to the training centre. Everything is in place for me to feel as well as possible.”

“My two years at Marseille were very important. If I am at Bayern right now, it is because of what I did at Marseille.”

“It was there where I exploded, where I broke out and where I improved. It was also there where I learned what pressure was, and that when all goes well, this leads to happiness.”

“On Wednesday, I expect to receive whistles from the fans. It is normal, this is football. I think that the fans have not forgotten what I did for the club, but they will not applaud me. I am at Bayern now, I no longer play for Marseille.”