Patryk Klimala insists NY Red Bulls will be ‘totally different team’ against Columbus Crew

The New York Red Bulls travel to Field on Saturday to face 10th place Columbus Crew, a match Patryk Klimala and head coach Gerhard Struber insist they are extremely ready for. 

The Red Bulls have gone unbeaten in their last six games after losing 1-0 to the Crew in their home stadium, and both sides will be looking to earn points as they’re struggling to climb the Eastern Conference quickly enough to reach a playoff position.

Struber and NYRB forward Klimala aren’t worried, though, claiming the Red Bulls visit their rival as a “totally different team.”

“When we played last game there … we were a totally different team,” Kliamala said. “I think their confidence will be on the highest level, but we are on good shape. We are ready for them, and we are going to show you this on Saturday.”

The Red Bulls sit in ninth place with 40 points in 29 games, among three teams narrowly fighting for a playoff spot. There are only five regular-season games remaining to make an impact. 

“I think the last few weeks give us a big hope and a big belief in our daily business and also in our style of play,” Struber said. “I think this is important in the world of football that you realize in the end, good results, and I think the results, yeah, give us a big power, a big energy, a big boost to can also create a very good performance in Columbus.”

NYRB defender Andrew Gutman admitted he doesn’t know what changed within the team, but the vibe is definitely different going into Saturday’s game. 

“You know, I cannot really pinpoint it,” Gutman said. “I know after that game when we went straight to Miami and you know, we had a big team discussion about what we expect from ourselves, what we expect as a team and what we expect out of this season.”