PSG Refuse to Hold Neymar Transfer Talks With Barcelona Until Coronavirus Crisis Eases

​Paris Saint-Germain are refusing to negotiate with Barcelona regarding a potential return for Neymar, with contract situations and the coronavirus crisis meaning other issues take priority.

Sparing you the repetitiveness, Neymar is probably going back to Barcelona at some point. You’ll be hearing about it for even longer than you already have, only the latest developments mean you’ll be hearing about it for even longer now. 

Naturally, the coronavirus crisis has brought with it an unprecedented new global climate, as every walk of life has suffered disruption in some manner. Football is no different, and even some of the wealthiest clubs in the world, such as PSG, are feeling the effects.

Sport report that the Ligue 1 champions are shelving all talk of a ​La Liga return for ​Neymar to instead focus on the mountain of issues they’re facing. Contracts of up to 11 players are at the forefront of their issues, and the termination of those deals are taking centre stage. Contracts across the sport are in jeopardy, as the legal ramifications of football being halted has caused serious uncertainty.

Furthermore, the club’s other focus is towards finishing the current campaign whenever it restarts. Thomas Tuchel’s side successfully overturned a first leg deficit to Borussia Dortmund to reach the Champions League quarter-finals, and there is confidence within the PSG camp that they can enjoy a fruitful run in the competition.

Interestingly, ​Barcelona are seeing the current economic situation is a bonus in their pursuit of Neymar. Player swaps or player-plus-cash deals may become a more regular occurrence, and this is precisely the means with which Barça intend to operate.

Neymar Junior

With the transfer window set to open later than the original summer date, that would shave of a number of months from Neymar’s remaining PSG contract – which is due to expire in the summer of 2022. That, in turn, would lessen the value the French side can place on his head, opening the door for a smoother negotiation on the Blaugrana’s part and less financially crippling operation.

The report adds that when the crisis stabilises, both parties will resume talks ‘calmly’, although even if Barça feel they are making progress, plenty of work is still to be done. Unfortunately.

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