Ilkay Gundogan Admits He Would Be ‘OK’ With Handing Liverpool the Premier League Title

Look away, Manchester City fans; Liverpool’s lead at the top of the Premier League is so great that even your own players are OK with handing the title over now. 

The Reds sit 25 points clear of the defending champions at present having played a game more, and with just nine rounds of fixtures left to play, there is no reasonable possibility of them relinquishing their lead in the remainder of the season. 

Nonetheless their title prospects have been cast into minor doubt, however, with the coronavirus crisis threatening to curtail the season early. Should it be deemed that there is no time to play out what’s left of the season, there has been much debate over whether to accept the current standings, or void the campaign altogether – effectively robbing ​Liverpool of their first ​Premier League title. 

Early reports implied Liverpool would be ​crowned champions no matter what, but recent noise has suggested some clubs, namely Brighton and West Ham, are ​dead-against that eventuality – and indeed the possibility of resuming play at all – and want the season scrapped.  

However, ​​City midfielder Gundogan who has watched from the front row as Liverpool opened up an unthinkable lead over his team, has said it would only be fair to crown them champions were the season to be binned now.

​When asked by ​ZDF about the possibility, he said: “It would be okay for me [If Liverpool are handed the title], you have to be sporting.”

And continuing the trend of generally being a reasonable, easy-going guy, the Germany midfielder also says he would be happy to give up a percentage of his wages to help lower league clubs survive the coronavirus crisis. 

Many EFL clubs, deprived of gate income, are facing a struggle for survival – especially with the threat looming large of games being played behind closed doors when they do eventually resume. 

When asked if he would be willing to help, Gundogan said: “Of course I would find that okay, of course, but the lower league clubs do not have it so easy.”