UEFA unlikely to support Premier League overseas plans

9 October 2014 16:20

UEFA is unlikely to change its stance in opposing the Premier League’s reported plans to play some matches overseas.

The Premier League previously shelved plans for a 39th round of fixtures in 2008 to be played abroad as the Football Association, FIFA and UEFA all rejected the notion.

Reports surfaced this week that the plans were being discussed once again, but UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino would be surprised if European football’s governing body changed their attitude towards the idea.

“Whenever these kind of things are discussed, we have to act in a responsible way within the rules that we’ve all agreed together,” he said.

“These kinds of ideas and proposals are on the table every now and then and have to be discussed every now and then.

“But today already we have some associations who play their Super Cup in Asia so this is part of this wish to export European national football.

“Now we have to bear in mind that we have a pyramid in place. World governing body FIFA, the Confederations, the national associations, leagues and so on.

“Let’s see what is the decision of UEFA on this.

“I don’t think it will change [from 2008], it would be discussed, but I don’t think it will change.”