Tomovic condemns ´unacceptable´ scenes in Belgrade

16 October 2014 11:35

Nenad Tomovic has spoken out against the violent scenes that took place between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade on Tuesday.

During the first half of the Euro 2016 Group I qualifier at the Stadion Partizana, a drone carrying a flag featuring Albanian national symbols entered the stadium and hovered over the pitch.

When Serbia defender Stefan Mitrovic attempted to pull the flag down, the two sets of players clashed before supporters entered the pitch as the situation escalated.

Referee Martin Atkinson was forced to take the players off and the game was ultimately abandoned, with Fiorentina defender Tomovic – on the bench at the time – describing the incidents as “unacceptable”.

The defender also backed Mitrovic’s attempt to remove the flag in a match charge with political and historical tensions.

“What happened was absolutely unacceptable,” he told Fiorentina’s official website.

“The players alongside me on the bench instantly realised that if someone on the pitch didn’t get rid of that flag, then in all likelihood our fans would’ve invaded the pitch to do it themselves.

“That’s why we ran on to the field.

“In any case, my sole intention was to restore calm. Some of my team-mates and I helped a few of the Albania players to get back into the dressing rooms safely.”