Monk stands by Moses remarks

23 October 2014 17:36

Garry Monk defended his comments about Stoke City’s Victor Moses, despite being asked to clarify them by the Football Association.

Swansea City boss Monk accused Moses of cheating to win a penalty in Stoke’s 2-1 Premier League victory at the Britannia Stadium on Sunday, a remark that drew the ire of opposite number Mark Hughes.

The FA confirmed on Thursday that they had contacted Monk in order to “seek his observations” over the comments, but the 35-year-old remained defiant in his stance on Thursday ahead of Swansea’s meeting with Leicester City on Saturday.

“What I’ll say [to the FA] will be between me and the authorities but I will speak honestly about what I said,” he said.

“They’ll want to go over it and go through correct procedures, which is fine.

“But I stand by comments. It was plain to see but we move on and focus on Leicester. But my observations will be kept in house.

“I spoke about how I felt at the time about Victor Moses and the situation. It was clear for me and I stand by my comments.

“It seemed a clear situation to me, I feel I’ve done nothing wrong, I tried to represent my club and players properly and I feel I did that.

“I spoke quite honestly and the reaction has been a bit bizarre that they’re surprised I spoke honestly.

“I won’t change in that sense. It’s how I saw it so it’s how I said it. It can be a minefield in terms of what you say but I don’t feel I said anything wrong and I think I’ve been backed up.

“In terms of dealing with the associations it’s no problem, they’re doing their job and I want to help them do their job.”